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Vidmate APK 2018 Latest Version v3.38 Download

One thing which is a great companion of mine whenever I travel any place where I’ve no access to any source of entertainment is my smartphone. My smartphone is full of games, necessary apps which can keep me entertaining for hours and hours.

Whether I am waiting for someone in a cafe or traveling via train that may takes hours to reach destination or at the airport to catch my flight, one app that I never live without is VIDMATE App. Although you have lots of great music and video apps that you can download to your smartphone or tablet but Vidmate app is something that can keep me engaged for hours without getting me bored.

vidmate app

Here in this article, I’ll cover this app in great details explaining everything about it, how to download, what are the features, how to get it for PC etc. This post will be a complete post about this app and I’ll try I don’t miss anything related to Vidmate app.

The other apps which I was talking about are good too but not as good as Vidmate app and that’s makes it one of the first choice of the people who are looking for apps that give them access to music and videos for FREE. Vidmate will take care of needs of a music lover and those who love to watch videos on the internet and offer them unlimited choices to chose content from.

App VidMate
Developer Name Vidmate Studio
Size 6.79 MB
OS Requirement Android 2.2 and above
Latest Version 3.38
Updated on Feb 14, 2018

If we look at the the graph given by Google trend, it clearly shows how this app has grown from 0 to several million downloads till now. Since the launch, app grown steadily and today become one of the best choice of the people. More and more number of people are downloading Vidmate not just on their smartphone but on iPhone, Laptop, PC etc.

Vidmate -Free HQ video and music downloader

Vidmate is a great tool to download HQ Music and Videos from websites such as Youtube, DailyMotion, Facebook and many other music/video download website. The most important thing about Vidmate allows to download such content for FREE.

Everyone loves free stuff and when it comes to download latest HD videos and movies for FREE, people love it. This is why Vidmate have become one of the first preference of the people. The HQ Video or the Music that you loved but have no option to download it might disappoint you but if you have Vidmate app installed on your device, you can easily download such content absolutely FREE.

Apart from downloading Musics and Videos from above said websites, you can watch lots of content LIVE as well an that too again completely FREE. Vidmate app gives you access to 200+ channels to watch Movies, Channels and music. All you have to do is to download the app on your device and have access to such huge library of Music and Videos.

The other important thing about Vidmate app is, it keeps on searching on the internet to aggregate latest HQ Music an Videos to download or even watch online. So you can be rest assured that you will have access to latest content.

Vidmate is a very light app that doesn’t occupy much space on your devices. As per the official website of Vidmate, the current version of this beautiful app that allows you to watch latest HQ videos, music and live channels is just 5.1 MB (apk file) in size, which is way much lighter than other similar apps.

Vidmate app let you download HQ videos and music from HollyWood, Bollywood, Tollywood etc. The best thing about Vidmate downloader is that It lets you download stuff with a faster speed than other similar app.

Also with “Fast Download” option enabled, you can speed up the download even further (however the download speed depends on the speed of your internet connection, do not expect higher download speed with a slow internet connection).

Since Vidmate allows you download stuff from Youtube, FaceBook, and other websites that hosts videos and music, you have millions of such videos and music to chose from. All you have do is to download and install Vidmate on your device and search video/music of your choice and hit the red button that shows arrow down.

IF you do not like to download content on your device because of any reason, either the memory is full or you don’t want to fill device memory, you have the option to play videos and music online.

One of the important thing to note here is that, since Vidmate (and such apps too) work with the internet, it will consume lots of internet bandwidth. Therefore, its a smart decision to get unlimited internet data/wi-fi internet plan to enjoy full features without having to worry about incurring huge internet charges.

Vidmate app is mainly available for Android devices but with the help of android emulators, we can download and install Vidmate for PC as well. The android emulator requires significant amount of RAM before you install it. One of the best Android emulator that I suggest is BlueStacks 2 !

VidMate Features

The list of features that Vidmate app comes with is huge and I’ll be discussing some important ones. You must know these features to enjoy Vidmate fully. Sometimes whenever we download any app, we only use few features without knowing many other features that could add more fun to your entertainment. Here is the list of features that you should know:

  • Vidmate app is completely FREE (get unlimited internet connection)
  • App is easy to use with easy user interface.
  • 200 + channels to watch Live Videos/ Music.
  • Watch live channels.
  • Download HQ Music and Videos with a single click FREE.
  • Download Videos/Music from Youtube, Dailymotion, Facebook and other music /video websites.
  • Always keep searching on the internet to bring latest videos/music.
  • Download stuff with fast speed.
  • Light weighted app.
  • Choice to download Videos in different video quality.
  • Support BlackBerry phones

Apart from these main features, there are several other features but you necessarily need not to know them. This free app with all these features will take entertainment to the next level. Whether you are sitting at home idle and looking for a source of entertainment or waiting or someone in Cafe or somewhere else, Vidmate app would keep you engage for hours.

Download Vidmate APK 2018 latest version

As I said above, the Vidmate app was mainly made for Android devices, let it be a smartphone or a tablet. The app is recently updated and now it support blackberry devices as well. Vidmate app doesn’t occupy much space on your device since its a light weight app.

Other similar app occupy huge space on your device that requires you to free some space on your device. Here is the process of getting Vidmate for Android devices:

Step:1 – First you need to download Vidmate Apk on your device from official website. Click here to download. Alternatively, you can download apk file on your computer and transfer on your smartphone.

Step:2 – Once vidmate apk file is downloaded, tap the downloaded file and it will start installation process.

Vidmate app installed

Step:3 РAllow for sometime so that installation process is completed. Tap Vidmate icon form home screen to start the app.

How to use Vidmate

The app is very simple to use and the user friendly interface makes it even simpler. If you have used music apps before, you will use Vidmate without having someone tells you to use it.

Vidmate Categories

Once the installation process is completed, tap the Vidmate icon created at Home Screen and the app will start. Be default on the home screen, you will see the trending videos, and option to download videos/music from Youtube, Facebook, Daily motion etc.

To download the video, you need to click on that and hit “Blue Download” button to download the video. Alternatively, if you don’t want to download the video, you can watch it online as well.

At the top you will see a search bar to search a particular video that you want to download or watch it online. Below the search bar, you will see various categories discussed below:

Feature – It will show all the trending videos on various music /video websites such as youtube, daily motion. This category keeps on updated with latest content so you always have something new to check out.

Movie – Under this category, you will see tons of movies which you can either download or watch online. There are lots of movies from Tollywood, bollywood, hollywood. The movies are further categoriesed in different categories that you can further explore.

Music – Under this category, you will see tons of latest music and videos that you can download Free of cost. All you have to do is to tap on album and start downloading music.

Tvshow – Watch TV shows that you might have missed. Download it on your device if you liked that episode.

meme – Funny pictures you can get on your smartphone or tablet

Vidmate video download

Why Vidmate so popular

By now you could have some idea why Vidmate is so popular. There are several reason of that but the among the main reasons, downloading content for FREE is most important thing that makes Vidmate one of a popular android app.

With over 200 channels, you can watch tons of content on your smartphone or tablet free of cost. The option of downloading HQ video and music with a single click is yet another reason why vidmate is popular. The graph on Google trend clearly indicate that the popularity of Vidmate app has grown quickly in last few months.

Download Vidmate for Android

Vidmate is an android app that takes entertainment to the next level. With this free app you can keep yourself engaged for hours without getting bored. As I said above, Vidmate app is mainly made for Android devices, either it be a smartphone or an android tablet, it will work smoothly. However, if you want to use Vidmate on PC, you can do that with the help of Android emulator.

Here is the process of downloading Vidmate for Android:

Step:1– Pick your smartphone or Tablet.

Step:2 – Go to official website and download VidMate APK file or simply CLICK HERE

Step:3– The download will start and you can see the progress on notification bar. Let the download completed.

Step:4– Go to settings and enable option that allows installation of apps from sources other than Google Play.

Step:5– Tap apk file that you have downloaded in step 2.

Step:6– The installation process will begin. Allow the process to get completed.

Step:7-Once installation is completed, you will see the confirmation. Done !

Congratulations, you have downloaded and installed Vidmate for your android devices. Enjoy access to 200 channels and download HQ videos/ music free of cost or watch them online.